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Healed from Corona Virus !

Hello family , um Chidochashe Buka from Zimbabwe n um 18 years old. Recently moved to Zimbabwe from Botswana Maun. So at the end of July almost everyone l live with caught a flu including me and we didn’t suspect it to be Corona since it was cold we just thought it was an common flu. A week and some days went by and nothing changed but we kept on praying along during the prayer sessions and together as a family. As we entered the second week , we began to feel better by the day and my mom went to the hospital because her case wasn’t getting better at all. When she got to the nearby medical centre , she was tested positive and the doctor suggested that everyone must come and get tested. When we got tested , the results came out positive but we were at a recovering stage . The shocking thing was how did we recover without any medication ? But l thank the God of my prophet that we were already healed and going to the doctor was confirm our healing. Amen . I also want to thank God because he healed my uncle in South Africa using the good news daily , my mom sent him the good news daily everyday, encouraging him to meditate on it and now he is completely healed . Thank you Papa and Mum for the good news daily Hallelujah!!

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