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Healed from Crohn’s disease

I was diagnosed with an illness called Crohn’s disease, which affects the bowels. The doctors prescribed me with various different drugs and steroids and advised me that that I would need to take 6 tablets a day for the rest of my life! However, my life began to change when I joined Spirit Embassy. I was now hearing and receiving the word of God in my spirit like never before, it propelled my faith to overcome this sickness. I was mediating daily on on the word and listening to the teachings of Prophet Uebert Angel. It was only then that I started to notice a change in my condition. I underwent some tests and received my medial report stating that there was no trace of Crohn’s disease. I was referred to a specialist team and they were astounded! They said this was beyond a miracle. To this day I am not taking any more medication and I have been totally healed. God has completely restored my health

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