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Healed from Heart palpitations

My Name is Lucretia, I would like to give a testimony concerning my health. I do not have any health issues nor do I regularly get sick. However, around March end or the beginning of April this year I started to experience heart palpitations which caused shortness of breath. It was around the time the Prophet gave a sermon about the communion. I took the communion regularly afterwards and also read God’s Medicine by the Prophet, from which I made declarations as prescribed by the book. Soon the issue stopped from the declarations in the book! Glory to God! When the Prophet prayed last week (Global Healing Service), the discomfort I could still feel from time to time ceased! I would like to thank the Lord for my divine health! The Word works! I would also like to thank the Prophet and Prophetess for their teachings; I am honoured to be their daughter in the Lord.

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