Healing Institute

Healed from Stomach Pain

My Name is SERA and my very first encounter with Spirit Embassy was when I watched Prophet Uebert Angel’s sermon on TV. I was so amazed by the Word that was ministered on that day. My Spirit experienced an awakening like never before. I found what I was searching for. The pure Revelation from the mouthpiece of God. My Life needed to be upgraded and I need to fulfil the will of God in my life. I then attended my first Sunday with my children and Prophetess Beverly Angel ministered on the day. She called to pray for those who suffered pain in the stomach area, I went up as I had pain on my left side. She prophesied and prayed for us and I was healed!  Throughout 2020 we experienced abundance and spiritual growth. My children always testify how blessed we are to come to Spirit Embassy. Our lives will never be the same again, we are learning and growing as a family through the teachings of our Prophet and Prophetess to Christianity. We are truly Honoured to be under their Grace

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