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Healed from Swollen Body!

My name is segomotso botsang and testimony is about healing. I have been suffering from back waste pains for the past 3 days, which caused me to have sleepless nights. Each morning when I woke up, my face would be swollen. I also had very stiff legs with burning sensation. It happened that yesterday night I was watching one of your repeating sermons. Just after it finished, I felt sleep. Just before I caught a deep sleep, my spirit started to meditate healing. I kept on saying I receive my healing in Jesus name, saying it half asleep half awake. My spirit meditated I receive my healing for almost 30 minutes. Suddenly I saw Prophet Uebert Angel. lt was like I was thinking about him and seeing his face at the same time. He started delivering me,saying, I cast out every spirit of sickness in your body, repeatedly. Suddenly appeared Prophetess Bebe Angel, and she says I am a Barren Bulldozer, and She started declaring a child in my life. Both Prophet and Prophetess continued declaring each one what ever they had for me.As they were delivering me I started manifesting while sleeping, shaking the bed. I then woke up finding myself crying and dropping tears. I give thanks to God my Husband was fast asleep, so he did not notice anything. Since I woke up this morning,those waste pains are gone, my legs are okay. My face was not swollen any more !! I thank God for my Healing through our Highly esteemed Prophet and Prophetess.Thank you Lord Jesus!

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