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Hole in the tooth disappeared Miraculously!

Praise the Lord Highly Esteemed Prophet, Thank you for the preachings of Prophet Uebert Angel on Miracle TV. My tooth has had a hole for many years and it has been very hard for me to keep it clean, sometimes it would cause my breathe to smell bad. Last week i was watching Esteemed Prophet’s message about the Revelation Sunday Part 1 and while I was listening I felt a sharp pain in that specific tooth then I checked with a toothpick to see if the hole was there and it had disappeared Glory to God. The hole in the tooth is no longer there and I thank God for the auction upon the Prophet for I received my healing. It wasn’t even a message on healing at all and I am so honoured. Hallelujah I am enjoying cleaning my tooth and speaking freely to people. Thank you so much Prophet Uebert Angel for ministering with so much Grace. I would also like to thank the partners for giving and ensuring the Miracle TV is always on – Caroline Amojong

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