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Leg Pain Disappeared !!

My Name is Avizùk Alpha. This is a wonderful day in the Kingdom of the Lord. I am currently watching the Sunday Of Bliss on YouTube 1.20 AM in Cape Town, DIVINE HEALING HAS TAKEN PLACE!!!! GLORY TO THY LORD OH GOD!! My right leg had been tormenting me for months now and as a student it was putting a strain on my financial circumstances, my medical aid card benefits had been used up and the doctors still could not find what was wrong with the knee. When I heard you start the service today, I knew it was definitely going to be my day even though I watched 2 days after the LIVE service; but through faith I know that God’s Grace and anointing is timeless, it has no limit !! All the pain has vanished I can’t wait to dance for the LORD! Even my troubling neck pains have disappeared, divine healing has taken place. Moreover my bank account has also been healed!! Beyond recognition! JESUS IS LORD, GLORY BE TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD WHO REIGNS FOREVER AND EVER

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