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Lumps Disappeared !

I just want to thank our Highly Esteemed Prophets Uebert Angel and Bebe Angel. I am so grateful for their Word. It’s powerful and we are fed. I especially want to thank them and glorify our Almighty Father, I have had an issue with lumps under my armpits and legs. The ones under the armpits were gone, but another was growing on my leg and I was starting to feel some pain again on top of my left armpit. At his word on the Sunday service, the prophet mentioned lumps being removed. I glorify God. I checked myself and the pain on the left armpit was gone. As I type this email I checked again my leg and I feel less pain, I’m feeling it’s not going any further, I’m healed completely!!! Thank you prophets. Oh, and Celebration Sunday was awesome! All of it, I enjoyed. I’m working towards becoming a gospel musician myself, but Prophet today taught me to be a worshipper and has given depth to what it means to worship and praise. We appreciate your work in Ministry and Thank the Almighty for you. I give God all the glory!

-Linda Mercy Fundira

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