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My name is Salanieta Tudrau Tamanikaiwaimaro.
Over the past decade, I had been stricken with life-threatening diseases from Intracranial Hypertension, Cancer, Eczema which impacted my personal and professional life.
These few sentences cannot begin to tell you the level of trauma, pain, suffering my body was subjected to, and to a large extent I had given up on life.
I first started listening to the prophet in June 2020 and was visited by the Welsh Cell Group of Spirit Embassy. I held onto the word of God that was shared with me and when I next saw my consultant who had broken the news that the last treatment did not work (rounds of inpatient treatment of 4 days of non-stop round the clock 24 hour chemotherapy which caused me to bleed profusely through my skin, mind I had several chemotherapy treatments before that from last year) that the cancer was aggressive and the treatment did not work where she wanted to try another type of chemotherapy before trying the immunotherapy treatments requiring a stem cell transplant and rebooting my immune system and re-vaccinating me.
I refused treatment holding onto the word of God and she held me captive for an hour trying to persuade me saying that I would not survive the next 6 months without treatment. I told her to check me in 6 months’ time and that the cancer would be gone.
Physical visual effects were loss of hair, scars all over my body where scabs had replaced where I bled, etc.
The enemy stole my health. I wiped out my savings with medical bills.
Since first hearing Prophet, I have been holding onto the word and declaring my healing and also verbally recorded my Facebook Testimony which has received more than 5000 views on my personal Facebook page.
Today as Prophet preached Christ and as he was talking about the rhinoceros, I felt a surge of power flow through my body from head to toe and received my healing.
I am so thankful for Christ and knowing that He LIVES in me and HE as Copernicus said is the center of it all.
I love you Jesus so much and am so thankful for the LIVING WORD and giving him the biggest hug ever.
Happy to send you pictures and a Medical Report if you would like.

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