L4 and L5 Disc Prolapse Healed

I’m Varun D’souza from India. About 20 years ago I lifted heavy weight and suddenly I felt severe pain in my back. I had to visit a Doctor as I was unable to move, sit or stand. The Doctor gave me prescription pills and suggested I exercise for my posture but the pain continued for about 2 years. My mobility issues continued and I experienced difficulty in walking at some point during this time.

During my stay in Dubai in the year 2010, I had a sharp and severe pain. I then visited the Orthopaedic Surgery and was told that my L4 and L5 discs had prolapsed and had been so for a long time. I was told that nothing can be done and I have to live with this pain my entire life. I had to go for physiotherapy sessions and also take heavy painkillers. This impacted my life in a way I would have never imagined.

I came to know of Healing Institute Dubai with the Highly Esteemed Prophet Uebert Angel in June this year (2022). I made sure I attended the 2 day session without fail, I knew I would be healed. When Prophet Uebert Angel prayed over me, my pain STOPPED immediately as though it never existed before.

From that very moment until now, I have not experienced any pain at all. I RECEIVED MY HEALING. The Lord has completely reversed the irreversible, Glory to God!

– Varun Dsouza, Dubai 🇦🇪


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